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Misty Beach Forth can be run as a Java application as well as an applet.

To run Misty Beach Forth as an application:

  1. You will need access to a Java runtime environment that is not embedded in a browser. Sun Microsystems makes one available for Solaris, Linux and Win32 platforms. See the download page for more details.

    Internet Explorer from Microsoft also comes with a Java 1.1 application environment that can run Misty Beach Forth. If you do not have this (recent versions of IE ship without Java by default), you can download it from here. I recommend downloading the Sun implemenation of Java if you don't have any Java on your Windows machine.

    Apple provides a Java implementation for the Macintosh here.

  2. Download the file somewhere onto your hard drive.

  3. contains two files, one JAR file and one HTML file. Extract them to a directory. You can use the HTML file to launch a web page with the applet version of Misty Beach Forth. This can save the download time if you have a slow Internet connection. You can also run the JAR file as a standalone Java application.

  4. To run Misty Beach Forth as a standalone application:
    Both of the above work on Windows NT and Windows 95. I expect that something similar works for Unix and Macintosh machines.

Misty Beach Forth can be used without charge for non-commercial uses. If you want to use it commercially, please e-mail Mark.
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