Misty Beach Forth Applet Launch Window

This page contains an embedded Java Applet that implements a (very incomplete!) Forth interpreter. If you don't have a Java enabled browser, you won't see very much. If you do have a Java enabled browser you should see a Forth interpreter launch. However, most Java enabled browsers do not seem to deal with this applet properly. See my experience with various web browsers for more details.

Once the Forth applet has launched, you can close this window as long as your browser has at least one other window opened.

Note: This applet takes a while to download, especially on 14.4K modems. How long varies based on where you are, your connection speed, your provider, and how congested the Internet is when you try to download the applet.

Useful tip: Try downloading this when you're up at 4 AM instead of at 6 PM when "everyone else" is coming home from work.

Reload this page and the applet

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